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Are you a neighbourhood nuisance?

By Louise Morrin

It's a real bummer having moved into your new property in your ideal neighbourhood, only to realise a week later that your neighbours like to watch television at ear-piercing volumes. Or, perhaps the guy across the road likes to leave his banana peels by your fence whenever he walks past?

Annoying neighbours aren't uncommon, and if you can't think of any, it's likely to be you!

Nabo reveals the worst neighbour habits

Social networking site, Nabo, believes in neighbourly connection when looking to improve quality of life. Getting to know who lives to either side of you and the local area is the best way to create a safer, supportive neighbourhood.

It recently conducted new research which revealed the five worst habits that neighbours can have. These habits ranged from parking spot hoggers to troublesome pets. And although loud music can be annoying, the fifth spot goes to neighbours that have the audacity to leave pet "presents" behind on your property.

If you are subject to any of these habits, you could be part of the 33 per cent of good neighbours that don't think they receive equal treatment. 

The importance of neighbourhood connections

Although your suburb in Sydney may not bring you much drama, 75 per cent of Aussies in the survey admitted that their neighbourhood relationships made them feel safer.

With safety a key priority when looking to purchase a home in a new neighbourhood, it's important that you establish yourself as a good neighbour – and you're 19 per cent more likely to do so if you've found property in your ideal neighbourhood, such as Carlton or Hurstville.

In fact, on Homely, a place where residents can rank their neighbourhood, all areas around Carlton garnered a rating of 7.5 out of ten or higher, with Mortdale ranked as the 87th best suburb in Sydney at a 9.1 score.

It's definitely worth finding a local real estate agent when moving neighbourhoods – you don't want to be stuck with a nuisance for a neighbour!

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