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Being neighbourly and nominating local heroes

By Louise Morrin

We all know St George is a great place to live, and that's why we own or rent property in St George – there's no place we'd rather be!

There are many things that every property owner here can enjoy equally – the great local parks, the beautiful beach and best of all, all of the other residents we share our neighbourhoods with!

There's always an opportunity to let people know that you appreciate them, whether it's taking in your neighbour's recycling for them, or complimenting them on their new rose bushes. It's the little things that count.

But, if you think you know of a St George resident who really stands out from the crowd and has made your community a better place, there's something a bit more that can be done to recognise them. The local councils will hold awards for local citizen of the year in January, around Australia Day. Some councils have nominations open already, so make sure you don't miss out on nominating your favourite resident/local hero.

Rockdale nominations for citizen, young citizen and sportsperson of the year are now open and close on 24 October. You can also nominate Hurstville​ residents for citizen, young citizen and young sportsperson of the year up until 14 November. If you'd like to make a nomination, check out your local council website to download a nomination form and recognise some of the great people in your neighbourhood.

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