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Big win for pet owners in NSW

By Louise Morrin

As of 30 November, animal-lovers across Carlton real estate can rejoice. With the recent release of the Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016, you'll find modernised legislation with the aim to reduce disputes and build support within the sector.

One of the key changes out of the total 90 that come with this new Regulation includes a model by-law surround the issues of pets on a lot or common property. The owners corporation can now only refuse a pet on the property within reason, and must state why in writing.

This is a huge change, following from the previous model by-laws where a property was assumed pet-free by default unless otherwise permissible by the strata property's scheme.

Say hello to our four-legged friends

For current strata dwellers, pets are only allowed for a few reasons, depending on the scheme. In some cases, small pets such as cats, dogs, birds and fish are allowed without prior approval, but the majority of by-laws either need approval of pets first or don't allow any pets whatsoever. To request permission for a pet, a written document must be presented highlighting the pet-owner's intentions and detailed information about the animal.

Roy Morgan Research reveals that, in 2015, 35 per cent of households in NSW (and the ACT) have a dog whilst 19 per cent live with a feline companion. Soon, many people will have more chances of bringing their pets along to strata living once the new reform comes into effect.

After the end of November, adopting the new model by-laws means your furry friends can only be refused within reasonable boundaries, not including assistance animals. If you are currently looking to live in a strata apartment before the new reform starts, be aware that existing schemes will be under review in order to consider the new model by-laws.

To ensure you find a place suitable for you and your pets, make sure you find a real estate agent in Carlton who can direct you around the current and future by-laws. They'll help to make sure Fido stays family.

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