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Bigger homes sought by people nationwide

By Louise Morrin

Space is still a massive consideration for people who are looking to move house in Australia. A recent Slater and Gordon Lawyers release has identified that 30 per cent of people who sold their homes over the last 10 years did so to upsize their property. 

Upsizing was the most popular reason for people to move house across all ages groups except for those aged over 55. Instead, this age group was more interested in downsizing their property to better suit their lifestyles.

Slater and Gordon Lawyer Robert Kern said the research found people were less likely to spend their entire lives in a single home, but were instead much more open to buying and selling real estate until they found the perfect home for their needs. And this extends to factors including the size of the house, which evidently weighs on peoples minds a lot. 

"This research shows that emotional and lifestyle factors are still a major influence in property purchases, despite the apparent increase in investor purchasers," said Mr Kern in a 17 March statement. 

"But what this research shows is that there is still the desire out there to own the Australian dream of a house and land." 

If you're interested in selling your real estate in Carlton and finding a larger property, now could be a great time to get in touch with a local real estate agent to discuss your options. 

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