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Calling all dragon slayers in Carlton!

By Louise Morrin

It's an exciting time for people with real estate in Carlton. Scoundrels are uniting to unleash Tiamat, the queen of evil dragons, upon an unsuspecting world. The key to stopping this great terror lies within Rockdale Town Hall.

Monthly adventures for teenagers

Starting 13 February, beginner and experienced adventure-seekers can head over to Rockdale Town Hall for a monthly session of Dungeons and Dragons. This free event, sponsored by Rockdale City Council, is open to anyone 13 and up with a library card. The game runs from noon to 4:45 p.m. approximately once a month from now until December. Though the event is free, people who wish to join are asked to sign up online so they can receive updates and information about creating their character.

Stopping evil with the roll of a die

Dungeons and Dragons, and other tabletop role-playing games, have a lot in common with some of today's most popular video games. The main difference is that the adventure in Dungeons and Dragons takes place on a table and in the players' imaginations.

Games are run by a person called the dungeon master, or DM. He or she sets the rules of the game and narrates the action. The players work through the story by creating a character such as an elven blacksmith, a dwarven wizard, or a human warrior – the possibilities are limitless. Characters have a number of skills and abilities that they can use to overcome challenges and battle enemies. Success or failure is determined by rolling a die and comparing it with a character's relevant skills and items.

Tabletop gaming is an excellent way to have fun, exercise your imagination and make new friends. Exciting social events like this are just another reason to contact Ray White about finding your new property in Carlton today.

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