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Carlton Area Perfect for Families with Canines

By Louise Morrin

Exercise is an important part of modern life for many people, but it can benefit more than just humans.

Home buyers with furry family members should be looking at real estate in Carlton and the surrounding areas if they're seeking a beautiful community that is open to four-legged exercise.

The Kogarah municipality is a very dog-friendly environment, and has much to offer prospective property buyers.

This is most evident when looking at the number of dog-friendly parks in the region. The area boasts six beautiful parks that are geared toward dog-lovers, some with 24-hour leash-free rules.

The council understands how important off-leash areas can be for dogs, citing health and the animal's well-being in a public information release regarding dog exercise areas.

Not only does the council spotlight how exercising dogs can relieve boredom and aggressive behavior, but also help more timid dogs build up confidence and enjoy playing with other animals.

Additionally, the Kogarah City Council provides bins and bags in most parks to help with disposal of dog faeces.

For home buyers who count a pooch as part of their family, real estate in Carlton and the St. George region could be the perfect place to call home.

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