Carlton is More Appealing than Ever Thanks to a Strengthening Economy

By Louise Morrin

Carlton real estate will be more attractive to buyers than ever before, thanks to an improving NSW economic outlook.

Discount stockbroking firm CommSec released its quarterly State of the States report which highlights NSW’s strengths as the fourth-ranking state among all eight states and territories.

Over the past quarter, NSW returned the strongest unemployment figures and the third best population growth. This attractive job market makes Sydney and surrounding areas better locations to live in than ever.

NSW’s construction sector has continued to strengthen, and is now up by 15.4 per cent on its decade average.

The outlook for housing construction throughout Australia has improved, likely due to low interest rates and state government grants for new construction. NSW dwelling starts in the June quarter were up 19 per cent on the decade average.

Overall, all economies throughout Australia are likely to improve in the near future, and in particular there will be a lift in residential building. This increase in housing construction will benefit NSW residents and buyers in particular, meaning that the next few months will be a great time to invest in property in Carlton.

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