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Could mega councils help Sydney deliver more infrastructure?

By Louise Morrin

One aspect of a city's plan for the future is the ability to keep up with infrastructure demands, especially in the face of growing population. 

A new proposal for Sydney is the creation of mega councils, which will help to streamline the development of these projects and keep the city's growth on track. 

Property Council executive director for New South Wales Glenn Byres said the smaller councils across the region could be hindering this progress. He said revisiting Sydney's council boundaries could have a profound effect on future development. 

"Local councils should seize the opportunity to modernise and deliver the type of local government needed in a global city," said Mr Byres in a 13 May statement. 

"Council boundaries were set over a century ago – and they need to change to reflect the reality of Sydney's status as a global city." 

A more streamlined delivery of infrastructure applications and approvals is likely to see the city's capacity increase at a more sustainable rate, providing the facilities needed for more residential expansion. 

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