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Council to Strengthen Local Ecosystem

By Louise Morrin

Rockdale City Council is getting ready to clean up a significant wetlands in the area and is working to raise the profile of the area amongst residents – whether they're living in real estate in St George or elsewhere.

Landing Lights wetland has some of the "last remaining saline wetlands on the Cooks River", according to a March 13 media release from the council. 

Those living in property in Carlton and surrounding suburbs not only have access to fantastic facilities, but also lush wildlife on their doorstep. 

The wetland in question – which also goes by the name of Riverine Park Wetlands – is a destination for migratory birds that flock from as far as Siberia during warmer months. 

Weeds are damaging the wetland, making it an unsuitable home for these migratory birds as well as coastal Australian birds, many of which are threatened. 

The council will be controlling weeds and removing vegetation over the next four years, opening the site up as an important conservational zone. 

Work in the area will commence next month. 

Owners of property in St George are encourage to be aware of these important wetlands and their role in the local ecosystem. 

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