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Creative Australians are about to find an easier time in Sydney

By Louise Morrin

Ensuring that your real estate in Carlton is up to date is a matter of course for success in the property world. Historical buildings have their charm, but there comes a point where the age difference simply becomes insurmountable.

Often, these older buildings simply become forgotten, vacant or demolished, eyesores on the landscape as they begin to crumble without adequate maintenance. The City of Sydney recognises this issue, but also the problem of the burgeoning Sydney creative scene simply being unable to find spaces to display or perform their works.

Thankfully, it looks like new regulations are about to kill two birds with one stone.

New ideas for old buildings

Carlton has a strong thespian and creative scene – being home to places like the Shopfront Youth Theatre will do that. However, as property prices continue to rise in the central city well out of the price range of younger theatregoers, you can bet that these young creatives are finding it difficult to actually find venues for their work.

And it isn't just the arts that suffer – the greater city benefits economically from the strength of our theatres and galleries to the tune of $1.4billion every year.

In order to give a hand to our actors and artists, the City of Sydney is looking for ways to reduce the barriers that block creative enterprises from using already underutilised older buildings. Pop up or temporary projects have become very popular in recent years, but current regulations and convoluted application processes make it very difficult for these older spaces to actually be used.

What form the legislative changes will actually take is yet to be seen, but for anyone with a creative streak currently living in Carlton real estate, professional life is about to get a lot easier.

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