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Dog-Friendly Parks in Carlton: Where Can Your Furry Friend Be Free?

By Louise Morrin

Residents of real estate in Carlton looking for parks in the local area to take their four-legged friends out for a walk in are in luck. There are a number of locations with designated dog areas that allow for your animal to enjoy themselves to their heart's content. 

This is important, as under the Companion Animals Act, the law requires dogs in public places to be under control through means of leash at all times. Otherwise the owner could be liable for a fine of $100. 

Crass Park

This park is located just opposite Parkside Reserve and has a designated, fenced 24-hour area for dogs to go without their leash. Furthermore, there are several recreational facilities located around the area – including an Olympic Swimming Pool. This could provide a wonderful weekend opportunity for the family to take a trip with the dog out to the park. 

Furthermore, there are freshwater baths, a bicycle track and a number of football fields for the enjoyment of residents and visitors alike. 

Hogben Park

Located at the corner of Harrow Road and Railway Parade, this 2.6 hectare park also has a designated, fenced leash-free zone for your dog. There is also a playground for the children to amuse themselves, as well as a basketball court for those interested in staying fit and healthy. 

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