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First Home Owners Grant: A Helping Hand Towards Property Goals

By Louise Morrin

First home buyers in New South Wales could potentially qualify for the state government funding scheme to help them secure their first homes. If you're interested in buying your first property in Carlton, this grant could be the perfect kickstart you need to achieve your real estate goals. 

The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) was created to aid buyers with the purchase of their first homes. Eligible buyers are entitled to $15,000 towards buying their property, which could be greatly beneficial towards the saving effort. 

The grant is only available to those interested in either building their own home or purchasing a new home in the region. A new home is described as a property that has had no prior occupants, including builders, owners or tenants of any sort. 

Furthermore, the property can't have been previously sold. The value of the home needs to be under the FHOG price cap of $650,000, while at least one of the applicants needs to be an Australian resident (with regards to couples). 

This could be something to investigate to help you secure your first home with an incentive from the New South Wales government. Get in contact with a local real estate agent to discuss the options available to you and begin working towards your first home today. 

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