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Free Beekeeping Event Draws Nature Lovers

By Louise Morrin

If you're a green-minded individual who owns real estate in St George, you may find yourself intrigued by an upcoming beekeeping session in nearby Rockdale. 

Some people, especially younger children, are frightened of the stinging creatures, but honeybees play an essential role in our lives. They pollinate the food we eat and supply us with delicious, sweet honey. 

Those keen on learning more about bees and basic beekeeping can attend a session. The workshop will give interested participants an overview of the main responsibilities, requirements and benefits of becoming a beekeeper. 

However, it's not just necessarily for people who want to get up close and personal with honeybees. This free event will teach those who love the outdoors or sustainability more about bees and get them thinking about nature. 

With the locally grown food trend and sustainable agriculture trend both continuing to grow, this seminar could be of interest to many people with real estate in St George. Residents of all ages are welcome – parents could even use this as an opportunity to teach younger children some valuable lessons about nature. 

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