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Further calls for Australian property reforms

By Louise Morrin

Calls for industry reform have become a common thought across Australia, which have the aim of making the dream of home ownership a reality for more people across the country. 

In the latest Housing Industry Association Autumn 2015 National Outlook, chief economist Harley Dale said housing construction levels are reaching record high levels. In fact, the industry is one of the strongest economic pillars for the country.

Despite this, Mr Dale went on to say that many buyers interested in purchasing property nationwide are being priced out of the market, which he attributes to a lack of policy reforms across the industry. 

"A lack of focus on housing policy reform is shutting Australians' out of their new home at a time when they could borrow responsibly at attractive interest rates and be part of the great Australian dream," said Mr Dale in a 18 May statement. 

Eliminating these obstacles could be a major win for buyers hoping to purchase property in Carlton in the near future. 

However, it could be worth chatting with a local real estate agent to start researching the options available in the community. 

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