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Growing Opportunities for Selling Property as Detached Home Sales Increase

By Louise Morrin

If you’re interested in selling your real estate in Carlton, now could be the perfect time to begin planning this as the detached home sales rose in February nationwide. This could translate into a ripe market for the sale of real estate across the region, allowing you to secure a fantastic profit on your real estate.

The latest release from the Housing Industry Association (HIA) has illustrated the growth seen during February, with the number of detached home sales seen across the nation over the month growing by 6.9 per cent. This has resulted in a 4.6 per cent seasonally adjusted rise in the total number of new homes sold over the same period.

HIA Chief Economist Dr Harley Dale said both sales and building approvals achieved a fast momentum over the early months of 2014, which translated into a fast turnover for the development of new dwellings throughout the country – especially when compared to the early days of the housing recovery last year.

“New home sales and building approvals are also pointing to a greater geographical breadth to the second phase of the new home building recovery. The initial phase was heavily dominated by two jurisdictions – New South Wales and Western Australia,” said Dr Dale in a March 31 statement.

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