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Growing prevalence of sustainable buildings across the nation

By Louise Morrin

A recent release from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) found the number of green star properties across the nation increased significantly over 2014, offering some insight into the popularity of environmentally friendly building practices amongst developers and residents. 

Anyone considering purchasing real estate in Allawah could do well to look into the possibility of cleaner, greener properties in the region. GBCA chief executive officer Romilly Madew said the number of green star rated buildings in the country rose by 150 over the last year – an increase from the 105 projects seen in 2013. 

"This 43 per cent increase in Green Star certifications in 2013 serves as a reminder that sustainability is not a fad or fashion – it's a philosophy that the leaders in our industry are embracing to deliver better buildings," said Ms Madew in a 18 December statement. 

Not only is this a jump in residential properties, but there has been a huge increase in the number of commercial and industrial buildings adopting a more sustainable approach, which could be great news for the overarching development of Australian communities heading into the future. 

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