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Home improvements aided by new ePlanning tools

By Louise Morrin

The New South Wales Department of Planning and Environment recently released a series of new online tools for the state's ePlanning platform that people can use to plan their home renovations. If you're interested in making some changes to your property in Carlton, this could be perfect for making the right decisions for your renovation.

A Department of Planning and Environment spokesperson said that since launching last year, these services have been accessed and used by over 100,000 people across the state, with more residents in New South Wales looking for a direct way to set their renovation goals in motion on their own terms. 

"The PlanningHub cuts time and stress out of renovating your own home. People can visit the Hub easily online 24-hours-a-day to find a range of planning information you need to undertake complying development," said the spokesperson in a 10 March statement. 

One benefit of the platform is that it makes planning and seeking approval for your renovations faster and easier, rather than getting caught up in traditional bureaucracy and paperwork involved with these sorts of home adjustments.  

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