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How can I fund my first property in Carlton?

By Louise Morrin

Real estate is one of the biggest investments people make in their lives, and it's something that many Australians strive to own one day. But buying a property in Carlton when you're new to the real estate market can seem a little scary before you begin saving.

Fortunately, there are many ways to get a helping hand so you can transition from renter to homeowner with ease. 

Buy real estate in Carlton with family

Deposits can take a lot of hard work to save up by yourself. But if you have family members who are willing to help you out, you could be in your home much faster. Whether they give you a boost to your savings for your deposit or become a guarantor for your loan, there are many ways they can help you get a nice start. 

Use the First Home Owners Grant

Looking for a discount for your property purchase? The New South Wales government helps new buyers by giving them up to $15,000 in funding for the purchase of a new home. Keep in mind this is only available for newly built properties valued under $750,000. You also have to live in the home for at least six continuous months after the property has settled in order to be eligible. 

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