Moving house – oh the agony! Maybe not…

By Louise Morrin

So, you've bought a property in Carlton. But wait! Your real estate adventures are not over! You have a whole lot of moving to do, right?

Well, perhaps not as much as you may have thought. Ray White Carlton really likes to welcome you to the neighbourhood, and part of that involves taking the stress out of your move for you. There are a million things to think about, but a unique service – Ray White's Concierge – eliminates some of the bugbears that would hamper your good mood as you step over the threshold of your new home.

Have you ever moved house, and then forgotten if you've arranged for the power bill to come to the new address? Or, heaven forbid, your TV service won't be connected by the time your surround sound is installed! Well, if you've bought or sold your Carlton property through Ray White Carlton, you'll get this service free.

So, now that you don't have to stress over the home insurance or internet connection, you can spend a bit more time figuring out how to match your modern colour scheme with the mustard carpet.

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