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Need to declutter, but don’t know how?

By Louise Morrin

If you've ever talked to someone about selling property in St George, one of the first things they would have suggested would be to declutter. But decluttering is not just for those selling real estate, it's something everyone should consider.

We all tend to fill up the space we're in, often more than we should. When it comes time to sell we decide to make the home seem bigger by selling or storing our stuff. Oftentimes people only realise just how nice and spacious their house really is when they're halfway through the selling process. So, if you really want to make the most of the space you're in, let's talk about getting rid of some of unwanted stuff.

Firstly, if you have a box that you haven't opened since you moved in – everything in that box could probably go. An impartial eye is key. Get a friend to walk through the house with you and point out everything that is just taking up space. It's much harder to do when you see the stuff everyday. Commit to getting rid of a certain amount – and meet your quota!

Now, you don't have to throw your unneeded items away! You can donate to a local charity shop, or take part in Australia's nationwide garage sale on 25 October. Let's get our St George properties spick 'n span!

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