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New initiative to make Sydney roads more eco-friendly

By Louise Morrin

Sydney is still at the forefront of sustainability, and a new initiative to boost the eco-friendliness of the city's roads could be a further boost for this cause. 

A new asphalt mixture aims to make the area's roads fundamentally better for the environment. Made from recycled materials – including ink from old, discarded printer cartridges – this new concoction will be used initially for resurfacing existing roads. 

Lord mayor Clove Moore said the unique approaches to improving Sydney's sustainability would be good for the future development of the region, encouraging more reused waste to help benefit the city in other ways. 

"The recycled cartridges are saved from landfill. Around 20,000 tonnes of cartridge waste has been recycled in asphalt across Australia since the initiative began in 2012," said Ms Moore in a 19 May statement. 

"If we're serious about tackling climate change we need to take action in our cities as this gives us the greatest opportunity for slashing carbon emissions."

This could be encouraging for people interested in purchasing real estate in Carlton who have an interest in promoting a healthier, more sustainable city for the future. 

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