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New South Wales comes in third for strongest home building region

By Louise Morrin

Anyone considering the construction of property in Carlton could be interested in the latest Housing Industry Association (HIA) report, which has found that New South Wales has the third-strongest construction sector in Australia. 

Coming in behind Western Australia and the Northern Territory, New South Wales has seen a comfortable degree of construction and new home development over the last year. HIA Economist Geordan Murray said that there was a significant difference between the first three states and the remainder of the country, offering some insight into the region's strength. 

"Overall, the [Housing] Scorecard shows that Western Australia and New South Wales have caught up to Victoria in terms of historically high levels of new home building activity," said Mr Murray in an 8 December statement. 

Not only does this highlight the potential for achieving your own construction project, but the increased availability of new properties statewide could be great news for buyers – whether first timers or seasoned investors – looking to secure new homes. 

Regardless, get in touch with a local real estate agent and begin searching for the right property option for you in the Carlton community today. 

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