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NSW Police Remind St. George Residents to Drive Safe

By Louise Morrin

Holiday home buyers who may be considering real estate in St. George should keep in mind that the holidays season is a busy time for Australian roadways, and the New South Wales police are keen to keep things safe.

“It’s simply not worth taking the risk or being foolish on the roads. It’s not just your life you are putting in danger, but the lives of motorists and passengers around you,” said Minister for Police and Emergency Services Michael Gallacher in a December 19 media release.

“As a former Highway Patrol officer, I have seen too many times the devastating aftermath of an accident. There are few greater tragedies than losing a loved one in a road accident, particularly at this time of the year."

Operation Safe Arrival is in full effect in the state through January 2, meaning drivers will face double demerits for speeding, seatbelt and helmet offences.

There will also be a greater police presence, as law enforcement is looking to crack down on drink and drug driving during the holidays.

Owners of property in St. George should do their part to keep roads safe and make the holiday season a happy time for all.

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