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Ray White Carlton supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By Louise Morrin

For decades now, Australians have been fighting the good fight against breast cancer through fundraising, awareness campaigns and scientific research. And while things have doubtlessly improved from a few decades ago, the statistics surrounding breast cancer today show that we need to keep doing all we can.

That's why, for this year's Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, the team at Ray White Carlton are throwing their support behind the cause. We will be having a fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Foundation on 18 October, where we will host a breakfast, complete with raffles and plenty of great prizes. We will be donating the money from our sales commissions and property management fees to the Foundation during the month.

According to the Breast Cancer Foundation, breast cancer continues to be the second most commonly diagnosed cancer among Australian women, with one in eight women expected to develop it at some point in their lives. An average of seven women die from the disease each day, and in 2020, it is expected that 17,210 women, or 47 women every day, will be diagnosed with it. 

These are staggering numbers that show no matter how far we've come, fighting breast cancer remains a daunting challenge that requires all our efforts. This means not just taking on a more healthy lifestyle to reduce the chance of it developing and being vigilant with detecting the early signs of breast cancer, but also doing what we can to help fund research into the disease.  

Although the fundraiser itself will not be open to the public, anyone who wants to donate to the Foundation can do so through our office. This isn't just limited to residents of real estate in Carlton – anyone can come in and make a donation. 

With luck and all of our efforts, this year's Breast Cancer Awareness Month should put us closer to making breast cancer history. 

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