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Saving Sydney, saving planet Earth

By Louise Morrin

Sydney is giving back to those that are at the forefront of environmental awareness, which means that there is now more reason than ever to move to Sydney.

It's the combined effort of the little things which make a difference – from recycling coffee cups to reducing our wastage. By knowing that the area you reside in is engaged in helping to better our climate, you can live with better peace of mind.

Grants to those that matter

Part of choosing property in a secure suburb to live in is knowing that the city constantly looking to improve liveability. Sydney has granted over $250,000 cash to local not-for-profit organisations, that will then use these proceeds to improve the environment of the city.

This all helps to build a stronger, greener community, according to City of Sydney CEO Monica Barone.

"It's a simple but effective way of helping residents and community groups turn their ideas into action, strengthen community ties and embrace clean energy in our city and its villages."

What does this mean for residents?

Whether you've just purchased a new home in one of Sydney's flourishing suburbs or are already a local resident, there are many council projects that encourage your participation, in order to meet the targets set as stated in Sustainable Sydney 2030.

It all starts with your own lifestyle habits. Venture out and enquire about solar panels – the not-for-profit organisation SolarCloud can help you get started in cutting down energy bills and power consumption.

Another organisation, 1 Million Women, exists through a team of inspirational women who combat climate change through educating others. You don't have to be female to jump on this bandwagon – sometimes, all it takes is a conversation with your neighbour about your newly-installed solar panels.

This is not the first major grant that the City of Sydney has put towards a greener environment. Two years ago, over $16.1mil went towards these environmental efforts. You'll find that living in a Sydney community gives you more than you take from it.

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