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Spring time maintenance part 1: Home

By Louise Morrin

Those with a property in Carlton will be well aware of the changing weather. From wet and cold to hot and sunny, it really is a great time of year! Of course, a change in seasons brings with it a change in home maintenance priorities.

Carlton real estate is taking off as new buyers come out of hibernation to seek new residences, but for those staying put, there's a fair bit to do around the house.

There are some things that obviously need doing. If your lawn took a bit of a beating through the colder months, spring is the best time to replant. When mowing, make sure you don't set the mower too low. Without enough green on the lawn the sun will kill it off, and you'll have brown patches by the time summer hits. Touching up the paint on your fence and the exterior of your home seem obvious, but these tasks aren't required every year, of course.

The less apparent things to think about are the ones you don't see (like clearing the wet mass of leaves from the gutters), or the problems that haven't started yet (you might want to sort out your bug screens, or fans/air con before the heat and flies strike in earnest). The best way to do this is think back to last summer and all the things you wished you'd manage to do then!

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