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Statewide litter to be reduced by 40 per cent before 2020

By Louise Morrin

Have you heard of the NSW government's "Waste Less, Recycle More" initiative? Given the amount of money that is involved, it is probable that you have! It is a five-year project costing around $465.7 million in an effort to completely transform the current refuse-management system in NSW.

This will likely have a positive effect on property in St George, as among other things, the government hopes to:

  • Encourage a change of thinking among local communities when it comes to littering, recycling and illegal dumping
  • Construct convenient and money-efficient waste infrastructure to make it easier for businesses and households to do the right thing
  • Push forward regulations that will assist in protecting the environment and support innovation in new waste systems

Furthermore, the NSW government has recently announced that it will be providing $1.3 million in grants to help reach the goal of reducing the amount of litter among our suburbs by 40 per cent before the turn of the decade.

In an interview with the press, Environment Minister Mark Speakman said the contribution from the government is timely, as they consider littering as a subject of significant environmental concern.

"Littering harms ecosystems and the natural environment, and is linked to anti-social behaviours," he said.

In fact, a report from Clean Up Australia detailed the types of litter that we have in NSW, which was led by beverage container rubbish with the lion's share of 40 per cent. 

While Clean Up Australia Chairman Ian Kiernan was alarmed at the proportion, he said the future is looking bright for NSW.

"The results of the latest Rubbish Report demonstrate once again that the NSW government is doing the right thing by supporting the launch of a container deposit scheme," he said.

At the end of the day, a cleaner, greener NSW will make for tidier property in St George and real estate in Carlton. If you would like to know more, get in touch with the team at Ray White. We can help find the ideal home for your unique circumstances.

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