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Succeed with your home sale: Tips to help nail an open inspection

By Louise Morrin

When you're planning on putting your Carlton property up for sale, chances are you'll have to go through an open inspection. Attracting potential buyers means selling them on the best features of your property, wooing them and helping inspectors envision themselves in the home.

Here are some tips to help you turn your home into an appealing prospective property for the market. 

Remove personal effects from living areas

Helping people imagine their own belongings in the property can go a long way to influencing their decision. Before the inspection, take down any family photos, personal effects, accolades, fridge magnets and other related items. 

Being presented with a blank, well-maintained canvas will allow people to project their own belongings onto the empty spaces. This can often stimulate the creative juices and allow them to gain a fairly decent idea about how their family could integrate into the home. 

Create a welcoming atmosphere

Winter can bring cruel, cold weather and horrible conditions for home viewing. Providing a warm, inviting environment will put potential buyers in a good mood while also proving how comforting your home can be during these seasons. 

Small things like having a crackling fire or a dry area for people to wipe their feet and leave their umbrellas will go a long way. 

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