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Swimming pool compliance decision is urgently needed

By Louise Morrin

If your real estate in Carlton comes with its own swimming pool, it’s possible you’ll be facing changes to legislation from April next year. However, the NSW government so far hasn’t confirmed whether these amendments will be coming into effect, and one major group believes this decision should be made sooner rather than later.

The Real Estate Institute of New South Wales (REINSW) urged the government to reveal its stance on the issue so pool owners and local councils can be made aware of their responsibilities.

Should the changes go ahead, they will mean that you won’t be able to sell or rent out property in Carlton with a swimming pool unless you have a compliance certificate. Information on how to get one will be made available by local councils, as well as accredited private certifiers.

REINSW’s main concern at the moment is that there aren’t many certifiers available, which could ultimately slow down the certification process. Efforts should be made to address these worries early on, potentially delaying the new laws to make sure they can be fully implemented.

A number of other suggestions have also been put forward by the property group, such as reducing the amount of time it takes for a pool to become compliant and reducing the accreditation fee for renewing a certificate. Not only this, people with building qualifications should be allowed to carry out simple repairs on non-compliant pools so they can be passed on the spot.

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