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Sydney Property Market Poised for Further Growth

By Louise Morrin

Investors wondering if now is the time to purchase property in St. George should worry no longer, according to SQM Research.

The organisation made it clear that it believes the Sydney market is not going to slowdown during 2014, going so far as to say it's poised to have the strongest start yet in more than 15 years.

One factor driving this view was inventory in the New South Wales capital city.

"Stock on market in Sydney fell to the lowest levels recorded on our index in December," stated SQM Research Managing Director Louis Christopher said in a January 21 media release.

"For the month, there were just 20,479 properties listed in Sydney. That was less than half the amount that’s listed in Melbourne and just 75 per cent of what is listed in Brisbane."

Mr Christopher went on to highlight other factors, such as high housing finance approvals, the likelihood of continued low interest rates, the weakening Australian currency and the assertion that property in Sydney has been far more overvalued in the past.

There's no denying that the Sydney market has been a property hotspot for investors for quite some time, and if SQM Research is to be believed, it could get even hotter.

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