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Sydney to welcome infrastructure improvements

By Louise Morrin

Sydney is already one of the country's leaders when it comes to infrastructure, and its status could be about to improve further following an announcement from Sydney Business Chamber. A number of notable infrastructure and transport projects have been green lighted in the city, which are expected to boost its status even further.

More than $1billion has already been set aside for the construction of the Sydney Metro rail projects, which will no doubt make commuting easier for Sydneysiders and those living in rental property in Carlton  There are also high hopes for the city's light rail project, which will also help people travel around the city, while helping to relieve congestion.

Executive director of the Sydney Business Chamber Patricia Forsythe said: "Light rail has the potential to transform Western Sydney as it will allow people to move in and out of city streets with ease, the $19 million to begin planning for a Western Sydney Light rail based in Parramatta, is a process that can't start soon enough."

The need for better transport and infrastructure has perhaps never been greater in Sydney, as the city's population recently topped 200,000 for the first time. Lord mayor Clover Moore explained that the population has practically doubled over the past two decades, so the needs of these residents must now be met.

It is also likely that more tourists will consider Sydney as their next holiday destination, as efforts have been made to secure major events in the area. Funding totalling $75.9million has been allocated to give the New South Wales capital greater opportunities to be chosen to host national and global events.

Additional funds may be made available to improve sporting infrastructure, but the Sydney Business Chamber is currently waiting for the government to reveal its final decision.

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