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The importance of research: Tips for helping you sell your Carlton property

By Louise Morrin

Selling your property in Carlton can be a challenging undertaking if it's your first time in that role. There are a wide range of things you need to think about before the sale to make sure you have the best chance at securing a great return. 

For example, something that many people forget to investigate is the state of their local market. What this means is looking at the other homes for sale around your neighbourhood to gain a good insight into the current status of the area.

Seeing the median price the properties around you are listed at can help influence your own price setting. 

The internet has a wealth of information about the state's property market as a whole. Median sale prices, average vendor discounts, the amount of days a property was on the market – all of these things can help better prepare you for a successful sale. 

Finally, speaking to a real estate agent about their recent experiences in the region can give you firsthand insight into the movements of the market. Their expertise will give you an upper hand during the sale of your home. 

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