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Time for a cuppa in Sydney

By Louise Morrin

It’s official – us Aussies love a good cup of tea. This is according to Roy Morgan Research, who found that over the past year, there are now more of us drinking tea than 12 months ago.

The research found an association between age and cups of tea consumed, as it’s more likely for seniors to reach towards a cuppa. However, whether we’re graying or not shouldn’t impact our tea-drinking choices if the thirst requires it.

In saying so, whether you enjoy tea, coffee or a cheeky beer, if you’ve recently moved into New South Wales, there are a few good reasons you should pop into a beverage establishment for a drink or two.

Take time out for yourself

Enjoying a brew provides you a good chance to stop and take the time to have a chat. Life gets busy, and especially after the whole hectic mess of moving, you deserve some time to take a break and relax. This could be with your moving buddies, to have a chat about the new neighbourhood, with your barista/cashier or even other lonely souls sitting at other tables.

Many times, moving home also comes with novel additions to your life – jobs, cars, and possibly even pets. This can be extremely exciting, but also overwhelming, so make sure you have a moment to just focus on yourself.

Contribute to a friendly neighbourhood

No matter which suburb you live in, whether Hurstville or Carlton, there’s bound to be someone on your street that enjoys a brew. Invite them over, and you’re instantly contributing to a friendlier neighbourhood.

Social networking site Nabo shows that only two-thirds of Aussie residents think they are treated well by their neighbours. By extending out your social connections and meeting others that reside close to you, you’re helping to increase this fraction. After all, who better than a neighbour to feed your dog whilst you’re away?

If you’d like some more help about moving into a new neighbourhood, your local real estate agent should have plenty of advice. After all, they are the ones that bridge a homeowner with their dream suburb.

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