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Tips for selling your Carlton home

By Louise Morrin

With the official cash rate at an all-time low, chances are that there will be more people beginning to look into their local market for property. And if you're interested in selling your real estate in Carlton, this could work well in your favour.

After all, an increased buyer demand provides you with more opportunities to secure a great return on your initial investment. Furthermore, selling at auction can boost these results even more by creating an environment of competition among bidders. 

That's an important thing to decide on: Which sales method you want to use. Auctions are great at helping you earn a large return, while also having a safety net – by allowing you to set a reserve sale price and seeing how the people react.

However, private sales are also a brilliant way to sell your home if you're interested in the negotiation side of selling property. Taking private bids from people and weighing up your options is a more calculated way of approaching the situation, which can ultimately leave you feeling more in control. 

These are just some of the factors to consider when looking to sell your Carlton real estate in the coming months. 

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