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Tips to beat the traffic blues

By Louise Morrin

Do you love living in Hurstville, but are sick of the traffic? Over being stuck on King Georges Road and trying to dodge all the M5 travellers? So is Mayor of Hurstville, Con Hindi. He claims that Hurstville has been left in a traffic rut and has called on the Queensland State Government to act to battle the gridlock.

While Mayor Hindi said it is possible M5 East will be expanded, this plan isn't set in stone. And even if it does move forward, these changes won't happen overnight, so we thought we'd suggest some changes you could make personally to try and reduce your traffic blues.

Ideas to reduce congestion:

  • Take the train: Make use of Hurstville Central and all of its handy parking, rather than braving the M5 to the CBD. It means you can relax with a book, rather than hammering your horn.
  • Walk: If you don't have to travel far, then get out and enjoy the sights around your property in Carlton. From historic Hurstville Hotel to Yarra Mundi, there's plenty to see, plus walking is great for fitness.
  • Carpool: Travel with co-workers or take turns shuttling your kids and their friends to school with other parents. It's a great way to socialise and get extra cars off the road.

These ideas are easy and full of benefits, so let's come together as a community and beat this traffic!

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