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What are the benefits of selling your home through private treaty?

By Louise Morrin

After deciding to put your Carlton home on the market, your next step is to figure out the type of sale you'd like to use.

There are benefits to both auctions and private treaty sales, but the latter could be a great option to consider. A private treaty sale is when you set the price you want to sell your property for, and then you and your agent negotiate with interested parties to secure a final sale. 

What are the benefits of a private treaty sale? 

One of the big benefits of this method is the flexibility afforded.

While auctions are based on individual buyers competing and pushing up the sales price, private treaty sales involve setting your desired sales price and bargaining with buyers to reach an acceptable figure.

This means it's a much more hands-on approach to the sale, rather than simply leaving it up to the chance of auction. 

Furthermore, you have the time to really sit and think about the offers being made on your property in Carlton.

Unlike auctions, there isn't a specific date set for the sale of your property, giving you the freedom to weigh up one option against another until you come to the most suitable conclusion for you and your property goals. 

DT: When you're choosing how to sell your Carlton home, don't forget about private treaty. There are a number of benefits to this sales method.

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