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What do trees say about a property?

By Louise Morrin

Whether you’re looking for a new house in Blakehurst or Hurstville, you’re bound to see Mother Nature’s natural assets hidden around the place. It could be a lovely flower bush outside a small unit or a massive tree shadowing a row of houses, but each lends the property a few things you may not realise.

Most people love to have some sort of greenery around their home, but do you know that a tree can say a lot about a property?

Trees bumping up property prices

Unless you’re glued to the property press, you may not realise a few trends in house values. For instance, houses with trees could prove to be more expensive!

This isn’t always the case, but a group of researchers in Perth found that a broad-leaved trees near properties for sale increased the median selling price by an average of $16,889!

If you’re looking to sell your beloved house, a touch of green may not be such a bad idea after all.

Green thumb, or just a thoughtful thumb?

You have to be aware, however, that there may be laws and regulations around planting a tree on your property. Letting your neighbours know is also a thoughtful gesture, especially if they are the ones that end up raking your tree’s leaves off their lawn!

Keep in mind which direction the sun hits your home, and if this will be significantly impacted by the presence of a tree – you don’t want to filter out natural light from entering your living room.

When looking to buy property, these are also important factors to consider – if there is a magnificent tree present on the property, make sure it isn’t clouding any realistic opinions on the property value. It might also be worth getting a landscaping expert to check out if a big tree could cause damage later down the track, via leaves in gutters or roots underground.

For professional advice on looking at properties with gardens, make sure you’ve got an expert team on hand to help out.

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