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What should you ask your real estate agent before selling?

By Louise Morrin

One of the first things you need to do when selling your property in Carlton is find the right agent for your needs. Keeping an open mind and interviewing around before settling for an agent will ensure you find someone who understands your needs and will work towards helping you achieve your goals. 

What kind of questions should you ask an agent?

When you go in for the first chat, be sure to make friendly small talk and build a rapport. Being able to be open and frank with your agent is important, as this can cut down on any miscommunications in the future. 

Ask them about how long they've been a real estate agent, and how long they've operated in the local community. The more time they've spent in your particular area, the more knowledge they'll have of local market trends. 

Furthermore, ask them about their advertising methods. In this day and age, it pays to cover all your bases – this includes internet and print, at the very least. Check out their website in your own time and see how well they write up blurbs, take flattering photos of your home and the types of property they're used to working with. 

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