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What’s in Your Tenancy Agreement?

By Louise Morrin

If you're new to the renting world or you're wondering what your role is as a tenant of real estate in St George, a lot of what you're looking for should be contained in your tenancy agreement.

You should have received a copy of this document, also known as a lease, at the start of your tenancy. It will be signed by tenants and the landlord, and details what you can and can't do in the property.

Basic agreements will state the rent, bond, maximum number of tenants and any other property-specific information you may require, such as whether pets are permitted in the home or what kind of decorations you can make.

There will also be information regarding rent increases and means for eviction. Some agreements can seem long and wordy initially, but it's important you read through them thoroughly before you sign the lease to ensure you're not agreeing to anything you don't know about.

If you're unsure of any terms in the agreement, check the back of the document. There's usually definitions explaining what certain words and roles mean.

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