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Why is local infrastructure important for property investors?

By Louise Morrin

If you're considering becoming a property investor in the near future, chances are you've already started to take a look at local real estate in Carlton to gauge your options. But something you may have neglected to check out is the local infrastructure and amenities, which can be equally important when it comes to choosing the right investment home for your portfolio. 

Infrastructure consists of the basic building blocks of a community, including things like public transport, parks and outdoor areas, shopping centres and similar aspects of society. You might be wondering why these are important for investment, and the simple reason is that people love to be near things they regularly use. 

This can affect the number of people who want to rent your property or buy it in the future. If you buy far away from services vital to modern living, it may be difficult to fill the property. And what use is a property with zero interest in it? 

Taking the time to investigate the local area and searching for optimally located properties is a good way to help boost your investment success chances, resulting in better returns in the long term. 

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